While most children create art daily during their pre-school and kindergarten years, in many cases formal arts practice ends here, abandoning those who may have a deeper interest in artmaking.

Our Rush Little Kids, Kids and Teens program seeks to fill this void, nurturing young creative minds through maintained engagement in the arts.  Our community based program is a free, year round education program that immerses youth ages 2-18 in the study and practice of contemporary art. Programs are offered at Rush Arts Philadelphia on Saturday mornings, during non-school hours, and on weekdays during the summer.  Class sizes are between 10 and 12 children.

Students discuss contemporary art, design and media, learn about materials and create artwork.  Art concepts and cognitive skills are developed progressively throughout the program. Art materials and processes are discussed and demonstrated, helping students understand the range of effects that can be produced with readily available, inexpensive materials, while also introducing them to more specialized, professional art materials.  Students learn about contemporary visual art, design and media arts by looking at works on display at our gallerythrough visits with guest artists and on field trips to artists’ studios and other arts institutions.  Led by highly qualified artists, the program introduces participants to all levels of professional art practice.