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Rush Arts Galleries aim to foster and further the careers of emerging artists and curators. Providing exhibition space and countless opportunities through its two gallery spaces, Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea and Corridor Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, artists and curators are supported through a variety of ways including the administration and installation of exhibitions, inclusion in nationwide campaigns and leveraging the extensive network of Rush supporters and alumni to further support their careers and lives.

Every year Rush Arts Galleries work with new emerging artists and curators. Through our free and open Submissions program we invite emerging artists and curators worldwide to submit their work to be reviewed by our curatorial board for our upcoming year of exhibitions and programming at Rush. In addition to exhibition opportunities, artists and curators are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of ways including artist talks, video interviews, panel discussions and more. Rush additionally provides artists and curators with stipends to assist in furthering their careers. An average of 100 artists are given exhibition opportunities throughout the gallery season of 10-14 exhibitions, and opening receptions accommodate over 300 people throughout the course of an evening. Throughout the year over 10,000 people are welcomed into Rush Arts Gallery and Corridor Gallery.

In addition to our exhibitions and art based programming, Rush Arts Galleries also serve as community based spaces that host a variety of programs throughout the year, and partner with other non-profits to provide a space for events.

Rush Arts Galleries, collectively Rush Arts Gallery and Corridor Gallery are dedicated to providing exhibition opportunities to an emerging artistic community and also home to Rush Education programs which expose and immerse inner city youth in the study and practice of the arts.