My art has always been steeped in a deep belief that through the creation and sharing of art we can transform the world. The Big Smile was inspired by the remarkable effect just one kind smile can offer from one to another. The project features the faces of residents from the surrounding communities of New York City. I capture their smiles on canvas and accompany that with text relating to mantras of self-love.

I believe that our society is steadily gaining insight and awareness in this respect and I hope to continue to build upon that with projects like The Big Smile. This series is designed to serve as a broad-spectrum educational tool for learning institutions. However, it is also adaptable to the public at large as a creative way to inspire harmonious communities. There are a number of ways to achieve this. One way is to formulate the Big Smile as a traveling exhibition, making art and its message accessible in public spaces. Another way is through social media. I am developing an interactive website around the project that will allow its message to reach a wider audience. Send me your message of self love and I will add it.

Michael Mut is the President and founder of the Love Yourself Project. He is also a life coach, practicing artist, educator, and lives and works in Brooklyn NY.