Big Smiles

January 8th - February 19th, 2017
Curated by Charlotte Mouquin
Corridor Gallery
334 Grand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Open to the public Sundays 12-6 and by appointment
(718) 230-5002
Gallery Map
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Big Smiles, opening Sunday, January 8th 4-6pm at The Corridor Gallery Project Space, 334 Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY is the first exhibition of recent paintings by Michael Mut coming from the “Faces of the Big Smile Universe” series. These large-scale portraits, layered with repetitive meditative patterns and writings, exude the act of smiling and a meant to be contagious.

Each portrait is of a real person who has overcome personal hardships to carry on with positivity as exhibited through the large grin. Mut, was moved by “mechanics of the smile, the structure, muscles, attachments, and the neurological connection to the brain. I believe the action of smiling creates a positive reaction on a molecular level akin to the feeling we call love.” Mut believes that this “combination of molecules give off positive magnetic energy that the eye can’t see.” These positive vibrations can be felt from seeing people smile. When one sees one person smiling it can cause for us to mimic the action. The large grins exuding happiness, self-accomplishments, friendliness, and openness, are meant to inspire those feelings in the viewer.

Michael Mut has been an artist in Brooklyn since 1990. He is also the founder of the Art Education and Wellness minded non-profit The Love Yourself Project. Through his art and his dedication to The Love Yourself Project, Michael Mut strives to share positivity and mindfulness in all that he does.

There will be an artist talk at Corridor Gallery about the Big Smiles exhibition on Sunday, February 12th from 4-6pm. For inquiries about this exhibition please contact or via phone 845-480-1258.

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