Rush Arts Galleries


In the 90s, the mission of Rush Arts Gallery was to provide resources and support to early career, non-commercial artists of color who lacked representation in Chelsea’s art district. Since it’s establishment, this mission has been expanded to support the diverse creative practices of the entire emerging artistic community, including artists, curators and writers from around the globe. Rush Arts Gallery provides an inclusive space for new audiences and promotes experimental ventures in visual art, curatorial visions, performance art, and community involvement.

Over the last 19 years, Rush Arts Gallery has grown to also include a second space, Corridor Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. The galleries exhibit over 100 artists throughout the year.  The vast majority of artists selected to showcase at either space are centered on the Rush Arts and Corridor Gallery Submission Program, which is free and open to all artists and curators. Artists and curators are given the opportunity to participate in artist talks, video interviews, and are included in printed material provided by the galleries.

Resource Center

Rush Arts Gallery is also a Resource Center that provides a community for artists and like-minded individuals to discuss opportunities in the arts.  The Resource Center supports one-night events in all disciplines including: grassroots fundraisers, magazine release parties, educational workshops, artist talks and performance events.