RUSH Arts Gallery and Corridor Gallery Accepts Artist Submissions and Curatorial Proposals until April 15

Attention Artists and Curators!

Rush Gallery and Corridor Gallery exhibition program seeks to facilitate a contemporary dialogue between new audiences and emerging artists, curators and writers through thematically structured group exhibitions. A team of artists and curators reviews submissions annually.

The gallery offers an excellent opportunity for independent curators to realize their projects in an established venue that makes innovative contributions to the contemporary art world. Please follow the directions on our website

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Silafando A Gift to You on My Journey, at Corridor Gallery

COLLIDEscope at Corridor Gallery with RUSH Arts Gallery and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation

Dimensions Variable: Multiracial Identity features artists Firelei Báez, Yael Ben-Zion, Cecile Chong, Dennis Redmoon Darkeem, Nicky Enright, Lorra Jackson, Sara Jimenez, Redell & Jimenez, and Saya Woolfalk, whose work expresses various aspects of their diverse, yet highly individual backgrounds. It opens on April 4, 2013, 6-8pm at Rush Arts Gallery at 526 W. 26th Street, Suite 311, in Chelsea. Curated by Gabriel de Guzman, the exhibition challenges a monolithic view of race and examines contemporary issues of identity, hybridism, and racial ambiguity. Several artists in the show directly tackle issues that relate to race and cultural awareness. Others deal with these issues subtly by acknowledging the spread of multiculturalism in our global society and the ways in which race and ethnicity are fluid and depend on perception and context.

April 13th Artist Summit with Danny Simmons


COLLIDEscope: The Birth, Metamorphosis and Evolution of the Abstract Actual prepare to take its viewer on an intimately stimulating journey on how isolated abstract ideals converge on a collision course to form the concrete tangible. Emerging from their cosmic infancy and changing forms as they begin their juxtaposed flight with one another through spatial reality, the abstract is ever evolving until it reaches the precipice of maturation. At that point, an abstract kaleidoscopic rainbow of acrylic, organic shapes, paper mache, black ink, fragmented patterns, x-ray film and even window soot collide to provide new and converged absolutions to complex philosophical issues that we face today.

On View at Corridor Gallery

SILAFANDO – A gift to you for my journey – Portraits of village alkalos (chiefs) and elders made while on a 930 km circumnavigation of The Republic of The Gambia,West Africa by foot.

A Solo Exhibition of Jason Florio
‘Al Haji Harouna Tonkara – Suduwole village – the Gambia

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Rush Arts Gallery + Corridor Gallery are core programs of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, a 501 © 3 organization founded in 1995 by brothers Russell, Danny and Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons. Rush Arts Gallery is dedicated to providing exhibition opportunities to an emerging artistic community and exposes disadvantaged urban youth to contemporary arts and culture through educational programming initiatives.