April 6th – May 19th, 2017
Curated by Inner State Gallery
Rush Arts Gallery
526 W 26th St # 311
New York, NY 10001
Hours: Wed - Sat 12-6 pm
(212) 691-9552
Gallery Map
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The exhibition Detroit GRIND is inspired by the 2015 mural “Live From Detroit City” by artist Sydney G. James that was created for the inaugural Murals in the Market festival in Detroit. James’ painting pays homage to Vibe’s iconic “Live From Death Row” cover, but with her own hometown take, making a bold statement by replacing Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac and Suge Knight with portraits of four of Detroit’s prominent contemporary artists, herself included.

Each of the contributing artists work featured in this exhibition reveals a chapter in the narrative of Detroit, all while illustrating their distinctive, personal experiences, understanding of the past, and shared knowledge of what is happening in today’s society from a cultural perspective.

Detroit GRIND will feature the work of Detroiters Sydney G. James, Tylonn J. Sawyer, Nic Notion, Tiff Massey, Rashaun Rucker & Olayami Dabls. This exhibition is a study of the current work of these six Detroit artists that speaks to the last 40 years of Detroit’s artistic history. These individuals have helped define, create and activate the cultural plexus of Detroit. Detroit GRIND acts as a catalyst to give artists ownership over not only their own personal stories, but the stories of the city they reflect upon.

Collaborating with RUSH Arts on this exhibition proves to have further implications on the significance of the organization’s roots of providing resources to artists of color who lack representation in not only New York City’s Chelsea arts district, the hub of the international art world, but the art world as a whole.

This exhibition acts as a visual manifestation of an authentic portrayal of not only a people, but of a city so often misunderstood. By expressing tones of the history and cultural events of the present the contributing artists are focusing their visual megaphone, artistic talents & craftsmanship by amplifying their ideas and perceptions of reality of a city with a rich history.

From Jazz to Motown, Techno to Hip-hop the world has infinitely benefited from the history of Detroit’s musical voice. It is now time to take notice of what is happening in the visual arts that is being created by individuals that exist, create and thrive in this environment.

Please view this music video of “Detroit is Black” by participating artist Tiff Massey and producer Waajeed.

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