Michael De Feo

This year, Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation is excited to partner with artist and educator, Michael De Feo. Michael’s artistic style and work with urban New York City youth, mirror Rush’s core mission. Michael created a painting and 3 sets of limited editions prints that reflect our work with our youth and the organization as a whole. His use of flowers allow for the feeling of life to blossom within his art but also in the heARTS of the viewer. Applying his signature touch Michael created three distinct works for this years Rush HeARTS Honorees, Patina Miller, Zac Posen and Alek Wek.

“It is a pleasure and an honor to be working with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation as their featured artist. The work I will be doing for RUSH will be unified by the common inclusion of flowers—a symbol of life, beauty and happiness. My unique design aesthetic will be showcased via flowers influenced by my long-standing iconic flower image, my interest and study of 17th century Dutch still life paintings, my background in urban art and the RUSH mission. RUSH and I embrace the same beliefs that art can build bridges between communities, open and influence young minds, and bring happiness to those who make (and those who appreciate) art. I look forward to the year ahead.”- Michael De Feo