Dee and Ricky

Dee and Ricky are not only leading influencers in the fashion realm but they also are powerful examples of the power of the arts and creativity. From design collaborations with Marc Jacobs, Converse, and Joyrich to working with brands ranging from Casio, Nike, and Pony they have used their creative forces and drive to stay ahead of the game. This year Dee and Ricky collaborated with our Rush Kids to create a special series of Lego HeARTS to benefit the foundation. Our Rush Kids wore their own Lego HeART creations during our 3rd Annual Rush HeARTS Valentine’s Day Education Luncheon where we displayed the official orange colored Lego Rush HeARTS. The official Rush HeARTS were given out to donors that sponsored a Rush Kid through a year of programming. To sponsor a Rush Kid and get your very own Lego Rush HeART click here or the image below.


“We are so excited and honored to partner with the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and work with idol and fellow brother, Russell Simmons, to provide the urban inner city youth of New York City with exposure to the arts.

The Rush cause is close to our hearts, having grown up as minorities in Staten Island with limited access to art education and opportunities. Their mission and motto, ‘Art Saves Lives, It’s That Simple,’ resonates with us, because art saved us. We are able to do what we love; designing, creating, and now giving back for that cause. Working with the teens to build our signature Lego hearts has been a truly heartening experience. We chose the heart because it represents life, and naturally, we did them in orange to tie back to the foundation. Nothing was more touching than when one of the kids mentioned that their father owns one of our Lego pieces. Here’s to paving the way for our city’s future artists!”

Date: February 2014