Wong Kit Yi is a New York-based artist born in Hong Kong. She graduated from the MFA program at Yale University and moved to New York in 2012.

Wong works because she does not understand; she works to develop a grasp of things that she cannot achieve through rational thought. She is interested in Space, and alternative ways of understanding space. Her work is about measuring, locating, and quantifying the intangible. Much of her video, sculptural and performance-based work responses to specific situations and spaces, and involves consultation with other people. She regards growing up in Hong Kong as a major influence on her work. Wong is especially inspired by the sea of her mother’s random thoughts, her spirituality and her proactive business strategy.

Wong’s projects include The Ceiling Should Be Green, P!, NY (2013); EXCHANGE, School 33 Art Center, MD (2013); now what, Microscope Gallery, NY (2013); DysTorpia Media Project, Local Project, NY (2012), lā pí tiáo, Woofer Ten, Hong Kong (2010). Her work has recently been censored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture (CMC), and is unable to be a part of 2014 China Xinjiang Biennale.

She has been selected to participate in The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency (2015), which will take place at 10 degrees from the North Pole. She has been awarded the Susan H. Whedon Award (2012), Cheung’s Creative Award in Hong Kong (2006), and was a Sovereign Asian Art Prize finalist (2005). She was invited by Asia Art Archive in America to have a conversation with American Conceptual Art pioneer Mel Bochner (2013). Her projects have been published in Art in America, ChinaDaily, Time Out Hong Kong, South China Morning Post. She speaks native Cantonese, fluent English, and hysterical Mandarin.