Suprina’s finesse with found objects comes from her work as a sculptor and prop maker for clients such as Annie Leibovitz, Apple, Bloomingdales, Fortunoff and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Her artworks deal with the human condition and social issues and incorporate detritus, castings, modeling, and painting. She has created a number of public art projects including the DNA Totem featured in the FLUX Art Fair 2016, now on view at the Rye Arts Center, Rye, NY through spring 2017. Other public art commissions and awards include Figment NYC 2012, ‘Best Portfolio’ by Pro Arts 2013 and 2015 and grants by the Puffin Foundation and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Suprina made a splash in 2013 when thirty-two of her sculptures installed in the Morristown courthouse were deemed dangerous to the public by the County Sheriff, who placed a 24/7 guard on the work and ordered them removed. The experience inspired Suprina to create a series of ‘Dangerous Art’ and another series related to the theme of ‘Injustice in the Justice System’.