Julia Colavita (b. 1983) is a painter and sculptor based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, she received her BA in studio art from Hartwick College in 2005, after which she was invited to study with artist and activist Checo Valdez in Mexico. There, she facilitated community mural projects in Mexico City and Chiapas, returning briefly in 2009 to collaborate again with Valdez and other international artists on a Zappatista mural project. In 2006 Colavita was awarded the Maggie and Bob Allesse Fellowship with the NEAfunded organization Artrain USA, allowing her to focus on and exhibit

her own work while at the same time bringing fine arts programing to small communities nationwide. In 2010 she completed her MFA at the New York Academy of Art, though she has been working and exhibiting her art in New York since 2006.