Gregory Kloehn’s work is about taking the grandeur of the world and mixing it with social irony.  Through a solemn, yet spontaneous rendering of people, animals and everyday objects. He seeks to explore the relationships that have emerged from the symbiotic relationship between us and our world.  Presenting the familiar as an icon to our present condition, Kloehn  mimics nature and industry into an artificially manufactured shade of reality.

“For myself, the work is about pushing an idea into the tangible world.  The working through process behind a piece and the play I have between a vision, materials and my abilities is the aspect I cherish most.  I like to have some crude essence of this making process to remain, leaving a residue of the moment for the viewer. Above all, it is good to laugh.  It loosens the air.  Issues can be present without overburdening the viewer.”

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    September 14 - November 22, 2014