As an Access Assemblage interdisciplinary visual artist and writer Elan’s works are grounded in family, historical imagery, personal narrative, memory and identity. She is interested in power dynamics that exist in families, how individuals form identity under these influences and how that is interjected into society and popular culture.  Elan studied Advertisement, Design and Photography at FIT and graduated from City College of New York City with a BA in Studio Art and Education, 2008. She has instructed young people in the arts for 16 years at the Brooklyn Museum and many upper Manhattan institutions such as Say Yes To Education (affiliated with Columbia’s Teachers College), Harlem School of the Arts, Thurgood Marshall Upper and Lower Academies, Harlem Gems (Harlem Children Zone), No Longer Empty, Cool Culture, Bank Street College, the Studio Museum in Harlem, New York Historical Society, Center for Arts Education. She is currently an MFA candidate at SVA.