Many daily struggles are tied to financial limitations to start with, however not every social issue should be boiled down to a worthy buzz-word simply to catch attention. We live in a time of extreme media distractions that reduce many social issues to white noise. As an American-born Haitian female who tirelessly exerts herself to reach out and open the proverbial door, I question the constant “cut-paste-collage” reality we endure, just staying afloat according to our society’s standards. I was raised with the mindset that hard work and education open doors; however, we all find ourselves accruing growing debt, gambling on careers, just to end up on the low end of the socioeconomic status pyramid.

As an artist, I create a series of narratives which document our time, my own timeline demonstrating our constant striving within today’s society. Taking into account culture, language and social aspects, my work depicts our endangered existence. Forsaking high-end materials from art supply stores in favor of more everyday materials, repurposed goods, found objects or “clean trash,”

I transform our social dilemmas into abstracted imagery that reflects our long-growing list of struggles, and distill them into art. Via multi-media, I have translated my observations through a series of works which are both figurative and conceptual, architectural yet abstract.



Harlem Art Walking Tour — piece:  “Tic Tic Boom”

Casa Frela Gallery  October 2014 — New York, NY


Sanctuary — installations:  “Processing Word v.2”  &  “Juxtaposition Ignored”

Yendor Productions  October 2014 — Newark, NJ


The Big Show — installation:  “struc·ture·less·ness”

Art Factory  October – December 2014 — Paterson, NJ


Artists on Main — installation:  “res·o·nate”

Darress Theatre  September 2014 — Boonton, NJ


LIMITED EDITION — piece:  “The Hierarchy of the Etymology, Corrupted”

Index Art Center, curated by Newark Print Shop  July 2014 — Newark, NJ


Existence: Expressions of Identity — pieces: “Ashes, Ashes” & “Patiently Out of Element”

Blue Door Art Center  July 2014 — Yonkers, NY



Bushwick Open Studios  2014 — Bushwick, NY


Paterson Art Walk — installations:

“The Legacies Bestowed, Reduced”  &  “To Measure Unseen Weight”

Art Factory  2014 — Paterson, NJ


Strong Women V

Jewish Museum of New Jersey  2014 — Newark, NJ


Dreams Before Sleeping

Gallery Aferro   October – November 2013 — Newark, NJ


Stigmata — installation:  “You can’t move it; it’s too heavy.”  YouTube link

Yendor Productions   October 2013 — Newark, NJ



Index Art Center   October 2013 — Newark, NJ



Walsh Gallery   August 2013 — Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ


ArtReach XXI + Newark New Media

City Without Walls   June 2013 — Newark, NJ


Nine Bodies

James Howe Gallery   April 2013 — Union, NJ


Rites of Spring

Morris Arts   March 2013 — Morristown, NJ


Black Ink

Nave Gallery   February 2013 — Somerville, MA


The Bespoke Curator: Art Snack Registry

Space On White   December 2012 — New York, NY


Metro 29

City Without Walls  November 2012 — Newark, NJ


Oculus: Transformations

Newark Open Doors  October 2012 — Newark, NJ


The Material Girls

Dumbo Arts Festival 2012   September 2012 — Brooklyn, NY


Metalsmith Student League 2nd Annual Exhibition

Nancy Dryfoos Gallery   June 2012 — Union, NJ


Index at PAW

Paterson Art Walk  April 2012 — Paterson, NJ


Strong Women

Newark School of the Arts  March 2012 — Newark, NJ


Art Cycle

Index Art Center  March 2012 — Newark, NJ


Silent Auction

Index Art Center   May 2011 — Newark, NJ


Metalsmith Student League Exhibition

Vaughn-Eames Student Art Gallery  May 2011 — Union, NJ


Kean University Student Show

James Howe Gallery   March 2011 — Union, NJ


Tek’ tanik

Gallery Aferro   March 2010 — Newark, NJ


Help Haiti Art Exhibition & Fundraiser

Newark Art Supply   February 2010 — Newark, NJ





Metalsmith Student League 2nd Annual Exhibition

Nancy Dryfoos Gallery   June 2012 — Union, NJ


Metalsmith Student League Exhibition

Vaughn-Eames Student Art Gallery  May 2011 — Union, NJ