Charles Trainor started his career as a photographer during the middle years of the last century in Miami. Trainor, a former Marine serving in WWII and the Korean conflict, started photographing the changing landscape of Miami that seem to become the crossroads of people who had major influences in our culture and history. His image of JFK was so compelling the Kennedy family requested a copy of the image, the large format photos of Elvis Presley performing in Miami in 1956 have become iconic and considered some of the best of “The King” in his early years. In 1964 Trainor covered the Miami leg of the British invasion, The Beatles arrived in Miami and the collection is one of the most complete of their visit to Miami. His image of Cassius Clay in the backyard of a Miami home boxing with kids is a unique image, it’s a pure photo of “The Greatest” before his victory over Sony Liston, it’s a rare moment not to be repeated. Trainor’s worked appeared in Sport Illustrated, Life Magazine, POST Magazine, Der Spiegel and more.