As a whole, my work explores in a serio-comic way how the creation of a new mythology may serve as a coping mechanism in angst-ridden times where everything and everybody seems to be “hanging by a thread” more than ever before.

My paintings, sculptures, drawings and films relate to feminism in their focus on conventional domestic and low-tech items like clothespins and through the usage of feminized materials like thread and fabric.

Living in a world that is obsessed with technology and immortality, I have always felt the urge to produce work that reclaims the use of once feminized materials and focuses on the small and unassuming. The clothespin has been grabbing my attention since 2003. Through the invention of the “clothespin freak”, a figure made of a clear plastic clothespin, doll’s body parts and sewn pieces, I have been able to create an alternate universe that is constantly changing and growing. This “universe” is as much surreal and out-of-this world as it is also a sign of our times.

Using the “four-eyed” Clothespin Freaks as my surrogates and alternate identities, I intend to enlighten and entertain the viewer by emphasizing the importance of one’s imagination in a chaotic and mystifying world. A world that is increasingly multicultural, multilingual, shape-shifting, and surreal.