My work is inspired by fragments and details of images with various textures, transparencies, and unique colors. I try to reveal hidden and potential meanings by combining techniques such as manual and digital photography, photo-collage, sewing, and painting.

My goal is to create a dynamic tension between the straightforward representation of the subject, though formally deconstructed, and the abstract composition of the whole.

By focusing on intimate detail and the specific character of a chosen subject, I question and probe its beauty in order to reveal, reconsider, or condemn its clichés.


Originally from Alsace, France, she has called Harlem, New York her home for the past ten years. Primarily self-taught in photography, she has refined her skills through classes at the International Center of Photography in New York, where she was also an Assistant Teacher. She is fascinated by details, inspired by personal interactions, and she structures her creative process with visual fragments that she collects in her daily life, travels, and relationships. She uses these fragments to create her photographic collages.

Her works have been featured in Le Temps, Destination and Le Journal des Arts. Her work has been exhibited and resides in private and museum collections in Europe and in New York. She was featured in FLUX Art Fair, May 2015 and was an award-winning artist at FLUX Public Art Projects, May 2016.